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Being involved with High School football for many years I have noticed a massive shift in the minds of our young men. No longer are our men satisifed with the status quo. They want more. They view football, much in the way that I viewed it, as a way to gather opportunites. Whether those opportunities are in the football world or the business world. Our men, and yes they are men, are watching the NFL Network daily, TSN and their coverage and they say, "I want that." Much in the way that I said that. The current model, at least in Ontario is broken though. However, teams like the IDFFL, Kingdom Force along with groups like Top Prospects and Canada Prep are bringing about much needed change.

For those of you that may not know me my name is Keith Godding and I am the Head Coach and trainer at KF Football academy. It was a little over three years ago since Joey and Dan came to me and asked me to join KF Sports. When I saw their passion, it was a no brainer to come on board. We did not have a lot of money, or a facility for that matter (thanks Nigel) but we just knew that we would make it work. We started up the same way any business started up. We identified an area that we felt we could improve, and we went about trying to make those improvements. The issue was; why weren’t more of the athletes from the GTA going on to the next level? We had all concluded that the way football is set up in Ontario is totally backwards. Allow me to paint the picture.

Typically, when you reach University age (18+) your season goes as follows:

Early August: Training Camp

Labour Day until the first week of November: Regular Season 8-12 full contact games

November-December: Take two weeks off, start light training prior to Christmas

January-April: Off-season team training from January until April’s spring game

May-August: Again another break for a week or two. Then summer training to prepare for training camp

Right now in Ontario, the schedule for a High School aged (13-18) athlete looks like this:

January: Maybe some team sponsored training

February-May: Team training pads and contact starts around Late March early April

May-Early August: 8-12 full foot contact football games with 2-3 contact practices per week

August: Hopefully get two weeks rest

Labour Day-Early November: 6-10 full contact football games with 2-3 contact practices per week

November-January: Rest and maybe attend an identification combine

I coached with the Clarington Knights last year and we made it to the OFC Finals, which took us until August 9th. Then our kids had less than a month to go prep for their high school season.

Needless to say, I was left shaking my head. I could only think of my good friend and quarterback at Bishops University, Kyle Williams. Kyle exploded on to the CIS scene in 2004; winning CIS Rookie of the Year honours and he did not even play the whole season. He missed time that season with a concussion. However, going into 2005 we felt that with Kyle, myself and a stud freshman from BC Jamall Lee, we would be playoff bound. I will never forget it, we lined up in a 32 set and the play was 51 Apache, Kyle dropped back and got absolutely smoked. We got back in the huddle, Kyle says, “Keith, I can’t see” I said, “You can’t see, take a knee!” He say’s “No I’m fine.” Next play we handed it to Jamall and Kyle took a knee. That, was his last ever play on a football field. Kyle too had been through the rigours of summer contact football for years. I can only imagine what if, what if he had not taken those hits in the summer. He might still be playing today. He is that good.

Stories like those really got me on board with developing our football players the right way. In Canada, we are the best at hockey in the world without a doubt. If a parent from the US wants to develop his child or see where he is at as a hockey player; they come up to Canada and test themselves against us, the best. Well, logic would only tell us that, as football players if we want to see where we are at we MUST take our talents south to the United States. Spring and summer in the US is dedicated to 7v7, combine testing and training. There are groups in Canada already following this model, teams like Air Raid Academy in BC, Canada Prep in St. Catharines and IDFFL in Oakville are shunning the convention of summer contact football followed by a fall contact football season. You can add Kingdom Force to this list.

Who we are



Dan is the Director of KF Sports and one of the most coveted up and coming coaches in the Canadian game today. Dan has been involved with competitive football for over 20 years. His passion for getting the best out of each of his players is unrivalled. Dan is a Nationally Certified (NCCP) Competition Level football coach. He is also certified in SAFE CONTACT. Dan is a highly motivated and organized coach. He places the athletes' development as the top priority in his coaching and works tirelessly to provide the athletes in his charge the best possible opportunity to improve their skills. Dan enjoys teaching young athletes the proper fundamentals and techniques that will make them successful on the field. He is full of energy and encouragement. His work has improved the quality of multiple football programmes such as the Trinity College School Bears and Clairington Knights immeasurably in the last two years since he joined those coaching staffs.



Joseph Miller brings great energy and enthusiasm coupled with his vast knowledge of kinesiology and sports physiology. Joey had a successful football career at Acadia University as a running back and special teams ace. Joey’s on field and off-field leadership skills translated into being voted an Axemen team captain and special teams MVP. In addition to being an awesome football coach Joey heads up the KF Sports Cycling division. Joseph has spent the last four years furthering his education in Bicycle Fitting. In January of 2014 Joseph was recognized by Dr. Andrew Pruitt as one of only 10 fully certified Body Geometry Fit specialists in Canada and one of less then 150 world wide. In addition of Bicycle Fitting, Joseph has applied his background in athletics and science to coaching endurance athletes and creating indoor individualized power based training programs that have delivered results without the exorborant prices usually associated with this skillful individualized training.


Keith enjoyed a successful career at Bishop’s University, where he retired as the school’s all-time leader in receiving yards. After earning his BA, Keith was invited to the 2008 CFL eCamp, where he was ranked as one of the Top 10 performers. He was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Montreal Alouettes in 2008. Keith has spent time with the Toronto Argonauts, BC Lions, and Edmonton Eskimos. Keith brings his excellent teaching skills, vibrant personality, and competitive spirit; the same traits that made him a successful Youth Coordinator with the Toronto District School Board. Keith lives and breathes our mantra of Discipline. Dedication. Determination.

The Kingdom Force Football Academy helps football players become champions on and off the field.

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